Veil all in one cleaning and sanitising solution

High Performance Cleaning and Sanitiser Solution. Suitable for most surfaces. One product 100s of uses.


  1. Replaces 99% of your cleaning requirements with one system
  2. Can reduce your chemical costs by two-thirds
  3. This product is biodegradable
  4. The all in one solution system that cuts down on packaging, and therefore reduces plastic waste
  5. Keeps staff training to a minimum
  6. Reduces risks in the work place
  7. Our robust trigger spray bottles have a lifespan of over 2 years if used correctly
  8. Once Veil is diluted at the recommended dilution rates, it is safe to use practically anywhere
  9. Reduce your COSHH to just one
  10. Reduces your carbon footprint
  11. Can be used for deep cleaning and daily maintenance
  12. All our containers are recyclable