Mindray uMEC12 Vet

Safety & Efficiency for Veterinary Monitoring
As veterinary medicine advances, the demand for high-quality veterinary equipment increases. The Mindray uMEC12 Vet focuses on precision, reliability and efficiency.


Precise Monitoring
  • NIBP Specific algorithm for animal blood flow characteristics to measure quickly and accurately
  • SpO2 Advanced technologies for interference and weak perfusion
  • ECG The unique patented ECG algorithm and ECG Smart Lead ensure stable monitoring
  • Side-stream CO2 The particular sink design separates water effectively for both spontaneous and mechanical ventilation
  • pluralize accessories
Reliable and Durable
  • fan-free design, avoiding fur involvement
  • Fall- resistant and water-resistant
  • bent-resistant accessories
Efficient and easy to use
  • 12.1 inch LCD, Multiple display configurations can be achieved with simple smartphone-like swipe gestures, large font interface, simple and clear
  • Pioneering storage box design makes accessory management more efficient
unique accessory cabinet