STAR8000E-V Patient Monitor

The 12.1” LED back-light screen and wide range of features makes the STAR8000E-V a great choice for all veterinary practices. Contact us for more information.

Key Features of the STAR8000E-v Patient Monitor

  • 12.1” LED back-light screen
  • Support parameters include 3/5 lead ECG, Suntech NIBP, Masimo/Nellcor SpO2, RESP, Dual-TEMP, Dual-IBP, EtCO2.
  • Special ECG algorithms for veterinary use, accurate, reliable and able to meetthe parameter measurement of animals in different body types.
  • Up to 8 waveforms can be displayed on the screen.
  • Support power-off storage and large data storage with 200 alarm events, 2000 groups NIBP and 160 hours waveform review.

STAR8000E-V Specifications