Mindray Veta 3X Anesthesia Machine

Redefining Veterinary Anesthesia Machine
Experience the cutting-edge in veterinary anesthesia with the Veta 3X. Designed to meet the evolving needs of modern veterinary practice, this advanced anesthesia machine delivers unparalleled precision, safety, and reliability.

Veta3X data sheet – View or Download below

Quality Reigns Supreme

High-strength Structure

Providing comprehensive protection to core components for lasting durability; enhanced load-bearing capability top plate allows for lifting and facilitating easy mobility across various settings

Classic V60 Vaporizer

Mindray V60 vaporizer, featuring flow/pressure/temperature compensation functionality for precise output and excellent air tightness.

Practical Design

Fresh Breathing System Layout

Meticulously chosen from over a dozen schemes compactly designed for easy observation during operation.

Innovative Cable Management Solution

Features concealed wiring and segmented cable placement for promoting safety and confidence in cable management when combined with a patient monitor.

VetaBain* Crafted for Non-rebreathing

Inherits the Veta series’ high-quality adjustable pressure-limiting(APL)valve and pressure gauge, ensuring a safe journey for small animal anesthesia.

Convenient Operation, Just One Step Away

*The VetaBain systern and the monitor bracket are optional components