Mindray uMEC12 Multi-Parameter Monitor With Trolley & Exhaust Kit

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The Mindray uMEC12 Multi-Parameter Monitor is an advanced medical device designed to provide a comprehensive patient monitoring solution. It’s equipped with a trolley and exhaust kit, enhancing its portability and operational efficiency.

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Key Features of the Mindray uMEC12 Multi-Parameter Monitor

  • 12.1-inch high res LED screen with touchscreen
  • Unique accessory cabinet to keep everything organised
  • Less than 4kg weight with battery for extra portability
  • Low power design
  • Durable and robust casing
  • Sidestream CO2 – Gold-standard artema technology for accurate measurements
  • Bend-resistant accessories

Advanced Technologies

  • Mindray’s patented multi-lead ECG Algorithm greatly improves the accuracy of measurement and reduces false alarms
  • NIBP quick-measurement technique reduces the discomfort caused by cuff inflation, especially for patients suffering from hypertension or hypotension
  • Anti-interference SpO2 algorithm provides accurate measurement even when the patient is mobile
  • Large capacity for data storage enables comprehensive review of patient’s historical data, and external USB storage devices are also supported
  • 8-hour continuous runtime with one Lithium-ion battery
  • 5-lead ECG cable allows for full screen ECG mode with augmented traces. (Additional extra)

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