Vale Veterinary Equipment

A message from our MD:
‘Most companies are set up because of a reason or a vision. A chance to do something better. Vale Veterinary Equipment Ltd is no different.

Too many businesses promise the earth but fall short on delivery. Whether that is inferior quality or actual delivery times, customers are often left less than thrilled. Our aim is to address that and to provide an exceptional service that we can be proud of. I would love to tell you that all of our products are manufactured in the UK but unfortunately, that is not the reality.

We will strive to do this wherever possible, but the truth is that British manufacturing is on the decline. We used to be at the pinnacle of engineering but sadly those days are behind us. It costs more for raw materials than it does for the finished product purchased from overseas. There is, however, a vast difference in quality between products imported into the UK.

Vale Veterinary Equipment will only sell products that have been fully evaluated by UK veterinary professionals and
deemed to be worthy of their place on the shelves of the company.

We aim to have stock of every product listed on our website for immediate shipping. We understand how frustrating it is to place an order and only then to be told there is a four (or longer) week lead time. If there is ever anything out of our control and we can’t ship the same day, we will inform you before we accept your order.

I genuinely believe that there should be a partnership between the supplier and the user. Together we can make things better.’
Craig Wood

We are able to offer veterinary practices my expertise and advice on our product range.

Veterinary Equipment That’s Trusted By Veterinary Practices

Vale Veterinary Equipment

Benefits of Using Our Equipment

Find the very best equipment for your veterinary practice, contact Craig to discuss your needs on 07979 090 819.


We can also provide repairs to veterinary equipment.


Visit our FAQ page or call Craig on 07979 090 819.


12-month warranty on all equipment.

We are here to help

If you’re a Veterinary Practice and you’d like to discuss your needs in more detail please don’t hesitate to call Craig on 07979 090 819.

Why quality veterinary equipment is essential

  • Accurate Care: Reliable veterinary equipment to help diagnose and treat animals with precision.
  • Safe Procedures: High-quality anaesthesia machines and monitors ensure safer surgeries.
  • Effective Monitoring: Top-tier patient monitors track vital signs for timely interventions.
  • Better Outcomes: Quality veterinary equipment enhances treatments, aiding faster recoveries.
  • Durability: Long-lasting tools save costs and reduce replacements.
  • Client Confidence: Modern equipment builds trust with pet owners.
  • Safety: Trusted cleaning solutions maintain a secure, clean environment.
  • Competitive Edge: Advanced veterinary equipment attracts clients seeking top-notch care.

Investing in reliable equipment demonstrates your commitment to excellent veterinary care.

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